Information Technology Security Audit

With the introduction of information protection laws and regulations, assessment of IT system’s internal controls are necessary to maintain compliance, and ensure business continuity. To assist companies in protecting their IT resources and data, Advans provides four auditing services:

  • Free Basic Security Audit
  • Standard Security Audit
  • Standard Security Audit with Penetration Testing
  • Standard Security Audit with Penetration Testing and Information Security Policy

In Advans’ experience, most small and mid-sized businesses fail IT Security Audits due to obvious security vulnerabilities. An Advans Basic Security Audit reviews these common pitfalls.

Free Basic Security Audit

IT Security Audits examine the practices, procedures, technical controls, and personnel used to manage IT systems and safeguard data. Most of the issues Advans encounters are the failure to implement IT best practices.

Advans provides an audit of these best practices at no charge to SMB’s. It is our belief that there is no point in paying fees for obvious security vulnerabilities. Advans will however, review these best practices and provide recommendations and corrective action to remedy the deficiencies.

Standard Security Audit

Once the basic issues are resolved, an in-depth Security Audit may be conducted. There are many facets to such an audit, but very broadly they involve analysis of individual systems, applications, corporate data, personnel work habits, physical security, perimeter security and the network. The scope of a Standard Audit may also depend upon specific circumstances, such as, industry standards, regulatory compliance such as HIPAA, PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, and other Privacy Laws or they may be made in conjunction with a financial statement audit.

In general a Standard Audit includes both a manual and systematic technical assessment of all servers, applications, desktops and the network. Also included are staff interviews, system access controls, analysis of physical access to all systems and the network as well as a review of policies and procedures.

Penetration Testing

In addition to the Standard Audit procedures, security vulnerability scans are performed to search for any weaknesses that could be exploited by a malicious actor. Such scans are performed from both inside and outside the network.

Information Security Policy

For companies without an Information Security Policy, Advans will create one to codify information security and cybersecurity policies. Having an Information Security Policy is usually necessary for regulatory compliance and is to be used as part of staff training. Use of its security protocols are vital to protecting corporate IT resources.


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