Hybrid IT

Hybrid Cloud Architectures integrate on-premises resources with cloud resources. While Advans has Software-Defined Networking technology with automated and programmable features for building Hybrid Clouds, we also do this with human resources through a Hybrid IT Model. Advans’ customers are free to place their own IT resources, as well as ours, in the locations that are most advantageous to them.

Leveraging netPulz Software Defined Networking, ComputerVault, netPulz Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and the Advans Network Operations Center, Advans deploys a network infrastructure where blended teams of onsite, onshore and offshore resources generate cost savings utilizing onsite, onshore and offshore resources without compromising quality of service.

Advans is committed to:

  • Assuming full ownership of the infrastructure and applications we support
  • Maintaining 24x7x365 support and uptime of your infrastructure and applications
  • Utilize Dedicated Staff
  • Engage additional Shared Staff when needed
  • Blended teams – staff onsite, onshore and offshore

We guarantee up to a 60% cost savings over the short term thereby generating a fast Return on Investment (ROI).

Technology Enabled Support

Our remote support and development teams all use netPulz technology for:

  • Network Access with a netPulz SD-WAN
  • NetPulz Virtual Desktops

All of Advans’ remote staff, whether onshore or offshore, connect to our client’s networks using a netPulz SD-WAN routed through our Marlborough datacenter. Before our staff reaches your network, they have already been authenticated by our network. All connections made through a netPulz SD-WAN are monitored and audited. Audit logs are available online to all our customers.

The remote staff also use Virtual Desktops hosted in our datacenter. No one from our staff can store data on a local machine that can get lost or stolen. Our strategy guarantees that all connections to your network, regardless of location, are coming from a member of our team and not by some unknown person with a VPN client.

Application Support

Global competition has forced businesses to become both creative and to speed up the deployment of new systems and technologies without sacrificing manageability and quality. Advans Application Support Solutions allow businesses to focus on their business rather than finding ways to maintain and upgrade their business applications.

Infrastructure Support

Advans Infrastructure Support enables organizations to streamline their IT operations, while increasing their IT flexibility, computing scalability and digital security, which are all necessary to compete in changing market conditions. Our professionals collaborate with forward-thinking organizations to create low-cost, high-value architecture that provide a platform for profitable growth.


  • High Performance
  • Cloud-based Alternatives
  • Distributed Options
  • Scalable