With the Advans Transparent Networking Appliance, (“netPulz”) a proprietary hardware/software platform, two or more disparate networks can be integrated to appear as one, yielding a more flexible and less expensive alternative to routers and traditional WAN’s. netPulz is a Software Defined Networking (SDN) based appliance that is scalable on demand with failover redundancy and clustering. netPulz supports both physical and virtual deployments there by supporting cloud deployments as well. netPulz deployments are quick, easy and cost effective to rapidly integrate remote office sites with the corporate datacenter through the internet backbone without the need for dedicated telecom circuits. This is particularly efficient and inexpensive to bridge international sites as international telecom circuits are often very expensive and unreliable.

To download the "5 Minute WAN" deployment white paper click the download link below.



  • High Performance
  • Cloud-based Alternatives
  • Distributed Options
  • Scalable