Built-In Migration Tools

The ComputerVault has all the software and tools needed for migrating mailboxes and Office to the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Any Office 365 migration is seamless, as the ComputerVault has all the networking and Microsoft Azure Connectors preconfigured. Any desktop, phone or mobile device has instant connectivity to the corporate infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud

The ComputerVault On-Premises Private Cloud lets each customer decided where they want their applications hosted:

  • Exchange and Office in the Azure Cloud
  • Virtual Desktops onsite in the ComputerVault
  • Most applications in the ComputerVault with some in a cloud

Any cloud can be used, Azure, Amazon, Google, etc., with all the networking and cloud connectors preconfigured. This flexibility lets customers decide where to host applications that provide the greatest advantages of cost and performance.

Most customers use the ComputerVault to host their virtual desktops as on-premises virtual desktops perform much better than desktops hosted in a remote cloud, i.e., the Desktop-as-a-Service model. Microsoft Office and email are then hosted in the Azure Cloud. ComputerVault provides the software defined networking to make this hybrid cloud architecture. Customers then have the option of having their other applications hosted in the ComputerVault or in any cloud they wish, e.g., Amazon, Google, Azure, etc.

ComputerVault Cloud integration


Advans can seamlessly deliver a hybrid cloud architecture because of the software defined networking and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure built into the ComputerVault. By providing virtual machines, virtual desktops and software defined networking as part of a single technology stack, customers are free to host their desktops and applications in whatever location makes the most sense for them. The ComputerVault Software Defined Infrastructure makes any cloud architecture, fast and easy to deploy.


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