Solutions for Large Enterprises

Advans has been providing IT consulting services to Large Enterprises since 2005. Our first customers were all large enterprises and it remains the core of Advans’ business. Every IT project that Advans has performed has been delivered:

  • 100% on Time
  • 100% on Budget

Project delivery and support covers all areas of IT, storage, servers, networks, databases, applications and application/software development.

Please review “IT Services” for a complete listing of all Advans IT services for large enterprises.

Staffing Services

Our consulting customers liked our project consultants so much they asked us to provide IT Staffing Services for them. Today, Advans has a recruiting team delivering temporary, permanent and temp-to-perm IT Staffing Services to customers across the US, UK and India.

Managed Services

Most of Advans’ managed services focus on remote IT infrastructure and project support. Often, blended teams, with resources places onsite, onshore and offshore are utilized to increase efficiency and manage costs.

Initially, netPulz technology was developed to facilitate IT infrastructure and project support for customers with IT resources and staff distributed all over the world. The Advans NOC, online ticketing system and SD-WAN capabilities were used in support of Advans’ consulting projects and outsourcing. As netPulz technology matured, Advans developed stand-alone netPulz SD-WAN and netPulz SDI managed services now offered in India and the US.

Digital Security

Digital security requires a multilayered strategy. Virtual desktops insulate corporate data from malware, spyware, ransomware, and prevent data loss since it never leaves the datacenter. Supporting virtual desktops is also less expensive than supporting physical PC’s. But the cost of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is high, and may require 5 to 10 years before break-even.

Advans has broken the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure cost barrier by developing netPulz VDI with 24x7 support for the same cost as buying physical PC’s and servers. It is now possible to get all the benefits of VDI without waiting 5 to 10 years to break-even on the initial investment.

Since netPulz VDI does not have special cooling or electrical requirements, it is perfect for satellite offices, retail outlets, health clinics and individual departments because it can reside in a closet. Advans deploys cost neutral VDI solutions that includes hardware, software and 24x7 support:

  • Protect Corporate data from malware, spyware and ransomware
  • Corporate Data never leaves the VDI
  • Lower Support Costs
  • Offsite Backup and Recovery of Virtual Desktops
  • Disaster Recovery Site for Virtual Desktops

Like all netPulz products and services, networking is built-in, so the virtual desktops can connect to centralized applications in datacenters or clouds. The virtual desktops are also accessible from both the LAN and the WAN, which means they are always available regardless of the user’s location. Other complementary services from Advans include, Digital Security Audits and Information Security Policies to ensure the safeguarding of corporate data.


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