netPulz Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

netPulz VDI is a Distributed On Premise Private Virtual VDI Cloud that supplies hosted desktop images to users in the LAN and WAN. The promise of VDI is lower hardware and support costs with increased security. The primary benefits of VDI are:

  • Data is more secure – it never leaves the Datacenter
  • Hardware Upgrades and Replacements are no longer needed
  • Having one OS reduces organizational, application deployment and support costs
  • Troubleshooting issues is easier and less expensive

The downside to VDI, is that its initial deployment is expensive. The software licensing and specialized back-end infrastructure required to make it work requires an initial investment that is difficult to justify when laptops and PC’s have become commoditized. Break-even may not occur for many years.

By making modifications to its netPulz technology, Advans has broken the VDI cost barrier. netPulz VDI software license is significantly less expensive than competing VDI software licenses. All netPulz components, including the netPulz VDI Thin Clients and server software, have netPulz’s programmable networking capability built-in. Thin clients can access the virtual desktops from anywhere in the world. And since netPulz VDI is optimized to run on commodity server architecture, no specialized and expensive servers or storage is necessary.

Advans delivers its netPulz VDI solution and supports it remotely for a fraction of the cost of traditional VDI solutions or supporting your own physical PC and laptops.

Since netPulz VDI is optimized to run on commodity servers, customers can buy their own COTS hardware and Advans will install the netPulz VDI software. Software licensing and support is very affordable. Because the netPulz networking component is built-in to the netPulz VDI, all virtual desktops are accessible from the local area network and remotely via a netPulz SD-WAN. Both Fat Clients and Thin Clients may be used to connect to the virtual desktops.

VDI Cloud Integration

While netPulz VDI is a Distributed On Premise Private VDI Cloud, integration with Cloud-Based virtual desktops is quick and easy due to the built-in LAN and WAN networking of netPulz. With application tuning included in the netPulz VDI software, desktop performance management of both netPulz On Premises desktops and those hosted as Desktops-as-a-Service (“DaaS”) by third party cloud providers is seamlessly integrated ensuring a rich user experience.

As a result, organizations utilizing hybrid cloud computing architectures can have virtual desktops reside in any location or cloud that is most advantageous and cost effective for them. The netPulz VDI software will manage all the virtual desktops as well as their network connections regardless of location.

netPulz VDI is the only product needed to deliver exceptional virtual desktop performance and manageability for organizations building or managing a hybrid cloud datacenter architecture.


  • High Performance Onsite VDI
  • Fully Supported Onsite VDI
  • No Upfront License Cost
  • Low Cost Hardware Thin Clients
  • Free Software Clients