ComputerVault DaaS for Colos

Partner with ComputerVault to Beat AWS and Azure

ComputerVault HCI is a 100% proprietary solution for performance driven Virtual Desktops that:

  • Performance - Faster than a local PC in the WAN
  • More Secure – Stops malware and phishing attacks
  • Price Point – More Profitable than Reselling VMware or Citrix for a Colo

Beats any other virtual desktop in performance and cost

With ComputerVault HCI, a Colo can now provide a DaaS that beats any other virtual desktop offering at a price that the retail customer cannot ignore. Because ComputerVault is 100% proprietary and runs on inexpensive COTS servers, the profit margin for a Colo is greater as well.

ComputerVault Standalone Infrastructure

ComputerVault HCI proprietary software includes a modified Linux OS Distribution that does not require any other operating system or third-party software for its functioning and installation on commercially available hardware. Dedicated servers are deployed with the ComputerVault software separate from your existing cloud.

  • 100% Proprietary - Not reselling VMware or Citrix components
  • ComputerVault Installs, Configures and Remotely Supports
  • 24x7 Monitoring and Support from ComputerVault NOC

The Entire Technology Stack is supported by ComputerVault, which means a colo does not have to provide any administrative support. Anything inside the virtual machine is supported by colo staff or the customer. ComputerVault Server clusters are deployed with two or more dedicated ISP connections which are multiplexed for failover and load balancing. No network gear is needed from the Colo, e.g., routers, firewalls, etc. ComputerVault HCI manages DNS, DHCP and Gateways and all nodes and components are redundant with failover.

Colo’s only need to supply dedicated 10 GB switches, ISP modems and Internet to ComputerVault Controllers and appropriate bandwidth for the number of users. Multiple clusters may be built to isolate customers and/or distribute the load for performance.

Customers may access their virtual with PC’s and laptops with a downloadable software client or a browser. There are also a variety of Windows/Linux-based Thin Clients available.

ComputerVault Partners with Colo’s

ComputerVault is licensed with a monthly subscription, based on the number of VM’s/Virtual Desktops deployed. A typical VM size of 4 vcPU, 8GB RAM and 100GB hard-disk, and the subscription includes 24x7 Remote Monitoring and Support from the ComputerVault NOC.  Also, check out “ComputerVault HCI” on our YouTube page.

ComputerVault ROI Beats Public Clouds
ComputerVault ROI Beats Public Clouds
ComputerVault: IoT Platform
ComputerVault: IoT Platform
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No Expectation of Privacy in a Public Cloud
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