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ComputerVault HCI, Hyper-converged Infrastructure, enterprise software includes virtual desktops and servers, IoT Edge-to-Core management, private video conferencing, Soft VoIP and Video Streaming Servers.

ComputerVault Virtual Desktops are designed to be used as the Primary Computing Device for running any business application just as they would with a PC or Laptop. ComputerVault HCI is hosted either on-premises or in a colocation facility/datacenter. ComputerVault is not deployed in public clouds.

ComputerVault HCI is sold by resellers to provide a complete solution. Resellers earn a markup on the ComputerVault software license cost, as well as directly sell the customer all related products and services, i.e., servers, switches, backup storage, NAS, endpoint devices, Microsoft licenses, hardware support and any other services they may provide, such as desktop support, etc.

Becoming a partner with ComputerVault has several advantages over other competing virtualization and virtual desktop products:

  • No investment
  • No Fees
  • No Technical Certification or Expertise

ComputerVault is a Plug ‘n Play franchise, whereby partners resell the software, because it is a managed service. ComputerVault partners do not provide technical services associated with ComputerVault software. Partners do not need to make any investment in gaining expertise, certification or competencies for architecting, deploying, delivering or supporting the solution.

All software administration and support are conducted remotely from the ComputerVault NOC.

The software license includes:

  • Software Installation, Configuration & Deployment
  • 24x7 Software Administration
  • 24x7 Software Support
  • 24x7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • Patching & Upgrades in Perpetuity

The software license is sold on a flat fee basis, based on the number of virtual machines and IoT Gateways deployed. It is not sold on consumption basis like a public cloud.

But in addition to receiving a markup on the wholesale cost of the software, partners also directly sell to the customer all other related hardware, software and services for the solution:

  • All Hardware devices for delivering the solutions, e.g., servers, switches, NAS, etc.
  • All Endpoint/Client Devices, e.g., PC, Laptop, Mini-PC, Tablet, Phone, etc.
  • Microsoft or other Operating System Licenses
  • Support Services, e.g., Desktop Support, Hardware Support, Application Support, etc.
  • Any other services partners typically provide

All hardware devices are certified for use by ComputerVault to guarantee that end-users experience virtual desktops that run faster than a local PC or Laptop.  Because all deployments are made in a “cookie-cutter” fashion using only certified servers, which are all the same, there is no need to “architect” a solution. ComputerVault HCI clusters are merely installed and work “out-of-the-box.”

Endpoint devices may be any Windows, Apple, Android, or Linux-based device, i.e., PC, Laptop, Mini-PC, Tablet, Phone, etc. There are no dedicated thin or fat clients.

ComputerVault provides customer leads and assists the resellers in selling the solution to the end customer. ComputerVault does not resell or markup any hardware or third-party software, such as Windows 10 licenses. ComputerVault only wholesales the ComputerVault HCI software license to the reseller and provides deployment and ongoing support. All other products and services are sold directly by the partner to the customer.

Check out ComputerVault Support Model - YouTube

Advantages of Partnering with ComputerVault
Advantages of Partnering with ComputerVault
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