Network Operations Center

The Advans Network Operations Center ("Advans NOC") is like a typical Network Operations Center, except that Advans securely monitors not only peripheral network devices, i.e., firewalls, switches, routers, etc., but also individual servers, applications, storage and databases. Therefore, an entire datacenter can be monitored from outside the firewall.

Monitoring & Alerting

Monitoring datacenters from outside the firewall yields several benefits. First, clients no longer must license monitoring software, host it on a server, and have administrators support the monitoring infrastructure. Advans provides the remote monitoring and alerting as a subscription service which results in an immediate cost savings in eliminating the client's monitoring infrastructure. This is especially true of customers with multiple datacenters that must replicate their monitoring infrastructure for each site.

The Advans Monitoring Suite provides alerting and daily reports emailed to customer staff as needed. Online reports and audit logs of network activity are also available.

Security Operations Center

The Advans Security Operations Center ("Advans SOC") is a software suite of tools hosted in Advans' cloud, and procedures which provide the means necessary to detect threats and contain them. No one can eliminate threats. But reducing the time required to respond and contain them is the key to protecting your organization.

Just like the Advans NOC, an entire network can be safe guarded from outside the firewall. The software is made available on a subscription basis so you don't have to buy your own Security Information and Event Management software, ("SIEM") software nor maintain servers to host it.

SIEM software is used to monitor network events, ensure compliance, audit access and provide forensic analysis all available from the Advans Cloud on a SaaS basis. But more than just software, however, security also depends on having an Information Security Policy, ("ISP") and operational procedures designed specifically for your organization. If you don't have a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer, ("CISO"), Advans provides them on a part-time basis. Some of the benefits are:

  • A tailored ISP
  • Specific procedural documentation
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance
  • Conduct Regular Audits

By having an Advans CISO you'll know:

  • What are the assets that I have to protect?
  • Which of those assets are vulnerable?
  • How are those assets being attacked?
  • How will I know if a breach has occurred?
  • What steps are to be taken to enhance security?